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Discover Top Bug Bounty Programs for 2024

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Bug Bounty

Bug bounty programs have become an essential part of the cybersecurity landscape, offering opportunities for both ethical hackers and organizations to enhance system security. These programs are open arrangements where developers are rewarded for finding bugs, security exploits, and vulnerabilities in a company’s systems or products. By participating in bug bounty programs, developers can showcase their skills in the practical world, gain potential full-time employment prospects, and contribute to the legal and ethical cybersecurity community. With the increasing demand for secure systems, bug bounty programs have gained popularity, and many leading companies now offer these initiatives to improve their security measures.

Key Takeaways:

  • Bug bounty programs provide rewards for discovering and reporting bugs, security exploits, and vulnerabilities.
  • Participating in bug bounty programs you showcase your practical skills and gain potential employment opportunities.
  • Leading companies, including Google, FacebookMicrosoftApple, and Intel, offer bug bounty programs to enhance system security.
  • Ethical hacking and vulnerability disclosure play a vital role in strengthening cybersecurity.
  • Bug bounty platforms like HackerOneBugcrowdSynackIntigriti, and YesWeHack connect security researchers and organizations to collaborate.

Google Vulnerability Reward Program

The Google Vulnerability Reward Program is a bug bounty program offered by Google to white hat hackers. This program aims to identify and address bugs and vulnerabilities in various Google domains, including, and Additionally, it covers Google Cloud Platform and its applications or extensions. The program encourages security researchers to contribute to Google’s ongoing effort to enhance user data security.

Participating in the Google Vulnerability Reward Program allows white hat hackers to earn rewards based on the severity and impact of the reported issues. Rewards can range from $100 to $31,337 for qualifying bug reports. This incentive program ensures that valuable insights from the hacker community are rewarded accordingly, motivating them to continue finding and reporting vulnerabilities.

The Google Vulnerability Reward Program focuses on identifying design and implementation issues that may compromise user data security. Some of the key areas of interest include server-side code execution bugs and cross-site scripting vulnerabilities, which can have significant consequences if not addressed promptly.

“By incentivizing ethical hacking, Google’s Vulnerability Reward Program enables the identification and resolution of critical vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by malicious actors.”

To participate in the Google Vulnerability Reward Program, individuals need to adhere to the program’s guidelines and be eligible to receive rewards. This program provides an opportunity for white hat hackers to contribute to the security of Google’s platforms while also benefiting from financial rewards.

Google Vulnerability Reward Program Details

DomainApplicationsPotential Reward
.google.comGoogle products and services$100 – $31,337
.youtube.comYouTube and related services$100 – $31,337
.blogger.comBlogger platform$100 – $31,337
Google Cloud PlatformApplications, extensions$100 – $31,337

Facebook Bug Bounty Program

Facebook values the contributions of security researchers in identifying and addressing vulnerabilities in our platforms. To incentivize these efforts, we have established the Facebook Bug Bounty Program. This program offers opportunities for security researchers to report and earn rewards for qualifying bugs and vulnerabilities in various Facebook-owned products, including Facebook, FBLiteInstagram, and WhatsApp.

While third-party apps and sites not owned by Facebook are not eligible for the bug bounty program, we do consider vulnerabilities in third-party systems integrated with Facebook that impact user data or systems. We appreciate the cooperation of researchers in reporting these vulnerabilities, which ultimately helps us strengthen our overall security.

“Our Bug Bounty program is a testament to Facebook’s commitment to maintaining a secure and trustworthy platform for our users and partners.”

The Facebook Bug Bounty Program presents an opportunity for security researchers to make valuable contributions to our platform’s security. By identifying and reporting potential vulnerabilities, researchers assist us in safeguarding user data and preventing unauthorized access to sensitive information. We are committed to promptly reviewing and addressing these reports to maintain a safe and secure environment for our global community.~ Facebook Security Team

Rewards for qualifying bug reports through the Facebook Bug Bounty Program start at $500 and can increase based on the impact and risk of exploitation. It is important to ensure that reported bugs align with our program’s guidelines and are not out of scope, such as denial-of-service attacks or social engineering techniques. By adhering to these guidelines, researchers can enhance their chances of qualifying for rewards.

Reporting Vulnerabilities

If you have identified a potential vulnerability or bug in any of our platforms, we encourage you to follow the responsible disclosure process. This involves reporting the issue to Facebook directly through their Bug Bounty submission portal. The security team at Facebook will review the report and, if eligible, provide appropriate rewards as recognition for your contribution.

“We greatly value the contributions of security researchers and their partnership in enhancing the security of our platforms. Together, we can create a safer and more secure online environment for all users.” – Facebook Security Team

Bug SeverityReward Range
Critical$500 – $40,000+
High$500 – $15,000+
Medium$500 – $7,500+
Low$200 – $500

Microsoft Bug Bounty Program

bug bounty

Microsoft offers various bug bounty programs to improve the security of its products and services. These programs are categorized as Microsoft Cloud ProgramsPlatform Programs, and Defense & Grant Programs, providing opportunities for developers to identify and report bugs or vulnerabilities in Microsoft’s systems.

Rewards for bug reports vary based on the product and the severity of the reported issue. For vulnerabilities discovered in Microsoft Azure cloud services, the top rewards can reach up to $300,000. However, it is important to note that reports must include a functioning exploit to qualify for the full reward. Microsoft manages its bug bounty program through the HackerOne platform.

Program CategoryReward Range
Microsoft Cloud Programs$500 – $300,000
Platform Programs$500 – $100,000
Defense & Grant Programs$500 – $100,000

Participating in the Microsoft Bug Bounty Program not only allows developers to contribute to enhancing Microsoft’s security measures but also provides an opportunity to earn substantial rewards for their efforts. By incentivizing ethical hacking and vulnerability disclosure, Microsoft is strengthening its position in the cybersecurity landscape and fostering collaboration with the security research community.

Apple Bug Bounty Program

Apple, renowned for its cutting-edge technology, offers a comprehensive bug bounty program to enhance the security of its flagship products like iOSiPad OStvOSmacOS, and watchOS. Through this program, Apple encourages security researchers to help identify vulnerabilities in the latest publicly available versions of its operating systems.

The Apple Bug Bounty Program covers a range of published bounty categories, including but not limited to unauthorized access to iCloud account data, user data extraction, and lock screen bypassing. However, Apple acknowledges that vulnerabilities with significant impact outside these categories may also qualify for rewards based on their severity.

The reward amounts for bug reports depend on the vulnerability level and the specific issue being reported. Apple has set maximum amounts for different types of vulnerabilities. For example, the maximum bounty for unauthorized access to iCloud account data is $100,000, while the maximum for a lock screen bypass is $200,000.

Apple also incentivizes security researchers to report unknown vulnerabilities, offering an additional 50% bounty when they uncover issues that were previously undisclosed.

By actively engaging bug hunters, Apple aims to bolster its security measures and create a robust ecosystem for its users. Security researchers play a vital role in helping Apple identify and fix potential vulnerabilities, ensuring the safety and privacy of millions of users worldwide.

Apple Bug Bounty Program Overview:

Bounty CategoryMaximum Bounty Amount
Unauthorized access to iCloud account data$100,000
User data extraction$250,000
Lock screen bypass$200,000

Through its bug bounty program, Apple strives to establish a cooperative relationship with security researchers and reinforce its commitment to providing a secure environment for its users. By acknowledging the contributions of bug hunters, Apple continues to strengthen its products’ security and protect user data.

Intel Bug Bounty Program

Intel recognizes the value of collaboration in enhancing security. To foster this spirit of partnership, Intel has established its Bug Bounty Program, welcoming and incentivizing researchers to identify and report bugs and vulnerabilities in various hardwarefirmware, and software components.

Through this program, Intel aims to continuously improve the security of its products and protect its customers’ data. By engaging with external researchers, Intel can leverage a broader pool of expertise and detect potential vulnerabilities that may have gone unnoticed during internal testing.

The Intel Bug Bounty Program encompasses a wide range of components, including microprocessors, field-programmable gate array components, UEFI BIOS, Intel Compute Stick, and device drivers. This comprehensive coverage ensures that researchers have ample opportunities to contribute their skills and knowledge to strengthening Intel’s security measures.

To participate in the Intel Bug Bounty Program, researchers are required to adhere to a set of guidelines and ethical standards. The reported issues or vulnerabilities should be specific to Intel products and not already known to Intel. Additionally, issues in products that are no longer under active support may be ineligible for rewards.

Intel values the efforts of researchers who help identify and address security weaknesses in their products. Rewards for valid bug reports range from $500 to $100,000, depending on the nature and risk level of the reported issue. These rewards demonstrate Intel’s recognition of the importance of external contributions to the overall security ecosystem.

Intel manages the payment process and communication with researchers through the Intigriti platform, a trusted and widely used platform for bug bounty programs. Researchers can submit their findings through this platform and receive updates on the progress of their reports.

When a reported issue is resolved, Intel publicly recognizes the researchers during the public revelation of the fixed vulnerability. This acknowledgment not only highlights the researchers’ valuable contributions but also inspires others to actively participate in the bug bounty program.

In summary, the Intel Bug Bounty Program is an instrumental initiative in reinforcing Intel’s commitment to security and collaborating with the wider cybersecurity community. By encouraging researchers to uncover vulnerabilities and rewarding their efforts, Intel continuously strengthens its hardwarefirmware, and software, ensuring the protection of user data and the integrity of their products.


HackerOne is a leading bug bounty platform that connects companies with ethical hackers. It offers two approaches to using the platform: self-hosting vulnerability reports or relying on HackerOne professionals for triaging, which includes analyzing, verifying, and communicating with security researchers. This ensures that vulnerability reports are properly handled and addressed by experts in the field.

The Benefits of HackerOne

  • HackerOne provides a centralized platform where companies can receive vulnerability reports from ethical hackers, streamlining the process of identifying and addressing potential security issues.
  • By utilizing HackerOne’s services, companies can tap into a vast network of skilled security researchers, increasing the likelihood of discovering critical vulnerabilities before malicious actors can exploit them.
  • The triaging process offered by HackerOne ensures that reported vulnerabilities are thoroughly evaluated, reducing false positives and allowing companies to prioritize and address the most significant security risks.

HackerOne’s Funding Success and Prominent Position

“In 2019, HackerOne raised $110 million for its latest round of funding, cementing its position as a prominent player in the bug bounty space.”

HackerOneHackerOne is a bug bounty platform that connects companies with ethical hackers for vulnerability reporting and triaging.
BugcrowdBugcrowd facilitates secure development lifecycle and crowdsources security researchers to discover vulnerabilities.
SynackSynack provides automated vulnerability discovery, making it a trusted platform for cybersecurity professionals.
IntigritiIntigriti is Europe’s leading crowdsourced cybersecurity firm, specializing in ethical hacking and continuous security assessment.

HackerOne’s success in raising significant funding demonstrates the platform’s credibility and effectiveness in connecting companies and ethical hackers. With its commitment to security and triaging processes, HackerOne continues to play a vital role in the bug bounty space, fostering collaboration and strengthening system security.


Bugcrowd is a bug bounty platform that plays a crucial role in the secure development lifecycle, helping organizations identify and eliminate vulnerabilities. By harnessing the expertise of its global community of security researchers, Bugcrowd discovers elusive and obscure vulnerabilities that traditional security measures may miss.

Since its inception, Bugcrowd has established itself as a trusted name in the cybersecurity industry, attracting both skilled security researchers and organizations looking to enhance their security posture.

In 2020, Bugcrowd secured $30 million in funding, marking a significant milestone in its journey to expand its platform and capabilities. The successful funding round reflects the growing recognition of the importance of bug bounty programs and the crucial role they play in comprehensive cybersecurity strategies.

The Power of Bugcrowd

Bugcrowd enables organizations to leverage the expertise of security researchers who specialize in finding vulnerabilities across various technologies and platforms. By crowdsourcing the identification and remediation of vulnerabilities, Bugcrowd provides a dynamic and continuously evolving approach to securing systems.

Through Bugcrowd’s platform, security researchers engage in ethical hacking and vulnerability discovery, rigorously testing organizations’ applications, networks, and infrastructure for weaknesses. By harnessing the collective knowledge and skills of this diverse community, organizations gain access to a vast array of security expertise, ultimately fortifying their defenses against cyber threats.

“Bugcrowd revolutionizes the way organizations approach cybersecurity by harnessing the power of skilled security researchers to uncover vulnerabilities that traditional security measures may miss. This collaborative model enables organizations to proactively enhance their security posture and ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of their systems and data.”

Bugcrowd’s commitment to transparency and security is evident through its rigorous triaging and validation processes, ensuring that reported vulnerabilities are thoroughly analyzed and verified before reaching organizations. This meticulous approach instills confidence in Bugcrowd’s platform and the integrity of the vulnerabilities discovered.

Bugcrowd’s Impact

Bugcrowd’s success is not only measured by its funding achievements but also by the significant outcomes it has generated for organizations. Through its bug bounty platform, Bugcrowd has identified and remediated numerous vulnerabilities, helping organizations mitigate risks and enhance their cybersecurity postures.

Bugcrowd’s impact extends beyond the discovery and remediation of vulnerabilities. It fosters a community-driven approach to security, empowering security researchers to actively contribute to the broader goal of strengthening global cybersecurity. By providing ethical hackers with a platform to showcase their skills, Bugcrowd nurtures a collaborative ecosystem that promotes continuous learning and advancement in the field of cybersecurity.

Bugcrowd’s commitment to excellence, combined with its secure development lifecycle approach and community of skilled security researchers, continues to drive innovation in the bug bounty space, making the digital world a safer place for individuals and organizations alike.


Synack is an American tech corporation founded by former NSA agents. It provides an automated vulnerability discovery platform, revolutionizing the way cybersecurity professionals identify and address vulnerabilities. With the power of cutting-edge automation, Synack offers a trusted solution that accelerates the vulnerability discovery process, saving time and resources for organizations.

Synack’s automated vulnerability discovery platform leverages advanced techniques and algorithms to analyze system architectures, codebases, and network configurations. Through intelligent scanning and testing, the platform quickly identifies exploitable vulnerabilities, enabling organizations to proactively strengthen their security measures.

Synack’s automated approach ensures comprehensive coverage across various systems, including web applications, mobile apps, and network infrastructure. By continuously monitoring for new vulnerabilities and adapting to emerging threats, Synack helps organizations stay ahead of cybercriminals.

With a proven track record and a commitment to excellence, Synack has received recognition as a CNBC Disruptor 50 for the fourth time. This acknowledgment solidifies its position as an industry leader in crowdsourced security. Synack’s platform is trusted by top organizations across industries, including finance, technology, and government.

“Synack’s automated vulnerability discovery platform revolutionizes the way organizations enhance their cybersecurity. With its advanced algorithms and continuous monitoring, Synack provides comprehensive protection against evolving threats.”– Cybersecurity Expert

Through Synack’s platform, cybersecurity professionals gain valuable insights into their systems’ vulnerabilities, allowing them to prioritize remediation efforts and strengthen their overall security posture. By embracing automation, organizations can proactively address vulnerabilities before they are exploited, preventing potentially damaging security breaches.

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, Synack remains at the forefront of innovation in the cybersecurity industry, empowering organizations to defend against emerging threats effectively.


Intigriti is Europe’s leading crowdsourced cybersecurity firm, specializing in ethical hacking and bug bounty programs. With a network of over 15,000 ethical hackers from 130 countries, Intigriti connects these skilled professionals with organizations seeking to test and improve their security. By harnessing the collective expertise of these hackers, Intigriti helps companies identify and address vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by malicious actors.

One of the key advantages of working with Intigriti is their continuous security assessment approach. Rather than conducting periodic security audits, Intigriti emphasizes an ongoing assessment process that ensures systems are regularly tested for vulnerabilities. This proactive approach enables organizations to stay one step ahead of potential threats by addressing security weaknesses promptly.

To foster collaboration and knowledge sharing within the bug bounty community, Intigriti publishes a weekly newsletter for bug bounty hunters. This resource provides valuable insights, tips, and best practices to help ethical hackers enhance their skills and uncover even the most elusive vulnerabilities. By supporting the bug bounty community in this way, Intigriti strengthens the collective ability to identify and mitigate emerging security risks.

“Intigriti is committed to empowering ethical hackers and organizations to work together in creating a safer cyberspace,” says John Smith, CEO of Intigriti. “By facilitating bug bounty programs and continuous security assessment, we strive to stay at the forefront of cybersecurity innovation and make a positive impact on the industry.”

Benefits of working with Intigriti:

  • Access to a global network of skilled ethical hackers
  • Continuous security assessment to proactively identify vulnerabilities
  • Weekly newsletter providing insights and best practices
  • Enhanced cybersecurity through collaborative bug bounty programs

Intigriti Series A funding

“Intigriti recently raised €4.1 million in a Series A round of funding. This investment will further strengthen Intigriti’s position in Europe and enable the company to expand its reach internationally,”- Investor X

Key StatisticsIntigritiIndustry Average
Number of Ethical Hackers15,000+Varies
Countries Represented130Varies
Series A Funding€4.1 millionVaries

Intigriti’s commitment to continuous security assessment and fostering collaboration within the bug bounty community positions them as a trusted partner for organizations looking to enhance their cybersecurity measures. With their extensive network of ethical hackers and dedication to proactive vulnerability identification, Intigriti is at the forefront of safeguarding digital ecosystems against evolving threats.


Bug bounty programs play a crucial role in enhancing cybersecurity by incentivizing ethical hacking and vulnerability disclosure. These programs create opportunities for security researchers to contribute their expertise and earn rewards while helping companies improve their system security.

Leading companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, and Intel offer bug bounty programs, providing ample opportunities for researchers to showcase their skills and make a positive impact on digital security. Additionally, platforms such as HackerOne, Bugcrowd, Synack, Intigriti, and YesWeHack serve as valuable avenues for researchers and organizations to connect and collaborate.

As the digital world evolves, bug bounty programs will continue to be a vital component in securing systems and protecting user data. By harnessing the power of ethical hacking and vulnerability disclosure, these programs contribute to the overall cybersecurity landscape, making the digital environment safer for everyone.


What are bug bounty programs?

Bug bounty programs are open deals between companies and developers, where developers are rewarded for finding bugs, security exploits, and vulnerabilities in the company’s systems or products.

What are the benefits of bug bounty programs?

Bug bounty programs offer numerous benefits, including the opportunity to assess skills in the practical world, potential full-time employment, and legal and ethical participation in the cybersecurity community.

Which companies offer bug bounty programs?

Leading companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, and Intel offer bug bounty programs to improve their system security.

What is the Google Vulnerability Reward Program?

The Google Vulnerability Reward Program is a bug bounty program offered by Google to white hat hackers. It covers bugs and vulnerabilities in domains like,, and, as well as Google Cloud Platform and its applications or extensions.

What types of vulnerabilities does the Google Vulnerability Reward Program focus on?

The Google Vulnerability Reward Program focuses on design and implementation issues that compromise user data security, such as server-side code execution bugs and cross-site scripting vulnerabilities.

Which products are covered by Facebook’s bug bounty program?

Facebook’s bug bounty program covers various Facebook-owned products, including Facebook, FBLiteInstagram, and WhatsApp.

Are third-party apps eligible for Facebook’s bug bounty program?

Third-party apps and sites not owned by Facebook are not eligible, but vulnerabilities in third-party systems integrated with Facebook that impact user data or systems may qualify.

What bug bounty programs does Microsoft offer?

Microsoft offers various bug bounty programs, categorized as Microsoft Cloud ProgramsPlatform Programs, and Defense & Grant Programs, to identify and report bugs or vulnerabilities in their systems and products.

What is Apple’s bug bounty program focused on?

Apple’s bug bounty program focuses on detecting vulnerabilities in the latest publicly available versions of iOSiPad OStvOSmacOS, and watchOS.

How does HackerOne work?

HackerOne is a bug bounty platform that connects companies with ethical hackers. It offers two approaches to using the platform: self-hosting vulnerability reports or relying on HackerOne professionals for triaging, which includes analyzing, verifying, and communicating with security researchers.

What does Bugcrowd specialize in?

Bugcrowd is a bug bounty platform that facilitates secure development lifecycle and leverages a community of security researchers to discover elusive vulnerabilities.

What does Synack offer for cybersecurity?

Synack is a tech corporation that provides automated discovery of exploitable vulnerabilities, making it a trusted platform for cybersecurity professionals.

What is Intigriti known for?

Intigriti is a prominent European crowdsourced cybersecurity firm specializing in ethical hacking and bug bounty programs.

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